Get Money Back with Uniform Tax Rebate

If your job requires you to wear a uniform then you have to know this. You can actually claim a uniform tax rebate if you wear and clean your work clothes yourself. This is great news since you are getting back the money that you worked hard for. This is just one of the tax deductibles you can claim along with travel/transportation, specialist tools, professional fees and many more. As long as it is related to your work, you won’t have any problem claiming these rebates.

Although it is pretty straightforward, most people actually miss out on the uniform tax rebate. Some people simply do not know about it. However, those who try to claim the tax rebate usually do it via a third party tax refund firm. Claiming the rebates this way is convenient, but is also counterproductive because you are paying someone else to get your money. It is highly recommended for you to claim the uniform tax rebate on your own to get the whole amount which can add up to a £60.

You do not have to pay someone else to work on your uniform tax rebate. The process is simple. You just have to write a letter to HM Revenue and Claims. This is why it is dumbfounding to know that hundreds of thousands of people do not pay attention to it. The flat rate tax deductibles are easy to claim and you do not need someone else to take 40% of it as commission.

To make sure that you are qualified for a rebate claim, here are the qualifications you need to meet. This is for the uniform tax rebate in particular so there may be some differences compared to other tax deductibles.

  • The most important thing that you need to have is a uniform. This the main aspect that really matters because it is a uniform tax rebate. If you don’t have one then this will not apply to you.
  • You must be required to wear it at work and, if any case, you stain or damage it then you are required to replace, repair or clean yourself. An important thing to take note of is that if your company provides you with a place to clean your uniform, even if you don’t use it, then your claim will be invalid.
  • You are qualified for a claim if you paid your income tax on the same year that you are placing it. Otherwise, you are not going to claim your uniform tax rebate.

Members of the Armed Forces do not need to place a claim because it is already accounted for in their tax code.

The amount you get is dependent on the kind of job you have. As stated earlier, the laundry allowance allotted for uniform is a flat rate if £60, so the computation for the rebate is as follows:

  • Basic taxpayers – £12 which is 20% of £60.
  • Higher Rate Taxpayers – £24 which is 40% of£60

However, specialist uniforms that require more extensive maintenance and repair usually have a higher rebate allowance. The allowance for these kinds of jobs will be bumped up to £140. The percentage, however, is still the same for basic and higher rate taxpayers.

It is important to take note of these kinds of tax rebates. You can save a lot of money in the long run. In addition to that, if you do your claims yourself, then you are avoiding more unnecessary expenses. As stated earlier, you can send a letter to the HMRC for your claim. In the letter, you need to make sure that you include as much detail about you, your job and your employer. This is essential in ensuring that the allowance you get is for the type of job you have.

The uniform tax rebate is an often overlooked privilege employees have, according to Hopefully, the information above can help you understand the process of claiming your deductibles. It can be tedious and sometimes overwhelming, but the payoff will be worth it. Never forget to pay your taxes each year and be mindful of the possible savings you can get. £60 can be converted to many things and having extra money is never a bad thing.